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How does it work?
Very basically, you pay for your stall one month in advance, bring in your items for sale, attach a price tag and let them sell! Then, at the end of the month you receive your 'rollover' - a sheet detailing your sales for the month. We then deduct our 10% commission , your next month's rent, and pay your profits into your bank account.

How much are stall spaces?
We now have cabinets available for rent - perfect for small items - starting at just $100 per month. Stall spaces do pop up for rent occasionally, so it's best to call the staff at the counter to check what might be coming up or what is available.

Am I locked in to a contract?
No, stalls are rented month to month. You're welcome to have your stall as long as you like, and just give us one month's notice from your rollover date to move out. Easy!

What if I just want to clear out some items?
A stall @ HUNTED is perfect for that - we can sometimes accomodate short term stallholders with temporary spaces. Just ask!

What if I'm wanting to start my own small business?
Wonderful! Come and check us out and see if HUNTED could be the outlet you're looking for for your stock! We have many stallholders who run successful businesses from HUNTED. Some stallholders have handcrafted goods, some buy deceased estates, some scour op-shops for bargains and on-sell for profit. Your stall and business can be what you make it! Some stallholders like to get a logo done, create a facebook page, and get a banner for their stall - others simply display their items on a bookshelf and keep adding items! What you do is completely up to you. It's a great way to have your own business without having to physically be at a shop every day!

What can I do in my stall space?
Anything you like, as long as it's LEGAL and SAFE. You're welcome to customise your stall as you like - build walls, paint the floor, dress it as you see fit. There are only a few items that cannot be sold, including alcohol, live animals and firearms.

Do I have to 'man' my stall?
Nope. Just come in and re-stock your stall on a regular basis - bring in your exciting new items and 'set and forget'. Our friendly staff handle all of the transactions. Stallholders don't have to do shifts at all.

Can I sell my own items at my stall?
Yes! You're free to trade as you like at HUNTED. Take cash at your stall and there's no commission on the sale! Commission is only on sales that go through the counter, and we encourage you to make your own sales. Have fun trading with other dealers and meeting your customers directly.

Was your question not answered? Give us a call on (03) 97 618 618 and speak to our friendly counter staff.

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If you're interested in becoming a stallholder, check out our HUNTED F.A.Q and Stallholder Info for the basics. Stalls occasionally available - and NEW cabinets available NOW from $100pcm! NO SHIFTS REQUIRED!
To check availability, book a stall or to ask questions, please give our friendly counter staff a call on (03) 97 618 618.



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